Do you recognize the names Large Slalom, Luge, and Curling? Sure? Then you definitely have to be ready for the Winter Olympics! Here are a few recommendations to make them more significant to your kids:

1. Let each little one or small group of youngsters choose an event to research. The events may be their favorites or ones they want to know extra about. (NOTE: An inventory of Winter Olympic occasions is at the finish of this article.)

2. Inform the children what you need them to seek out …the history of the sport, the foundations of it, the gear wanted, people who have carried out that occasion in past Winter Olympics…whatever you decide. It will hold them centered and help them write their studies utilizing main ideas.

3. Classify the Olympic events into categories. Which takes place in the snow? On the track? On the rink?

4. Make a video collage with snippets of every event.

5. Maintain your individual Winter Olympics! For those who dwell the place it doesn’t snow, use props that may substitute for skis (shoeboxes, foil), ski poles (broomsticks), and whatever else you possibly can find. Amend the principles for your age group. For the Medal Ceremony, use gold, silver, and copper pens to make the ribbons. Have your kids sequence the actions through which they participated.

6. Alphabetize the names of the Olympic events.

7. Use a TV Guide to practice studying schedules and find the times, occasions, and channels for specific sports.

Here is a listing of Winter Olympic occasions:

Large Slalom, Luge, Curling, Speed Skating, Ski Leaping, Freestyle Aerials, Biathlon, Super-G, Ice Dancing, Cross Nation, Combined Downhill, Slalom, Short Observe, Bobsleigh, Nordic Combined, Determine Skating, Freestyle Moguls, Snowboarding, Ice Hockey, Downhill, Skeleton

Benefit from the Winter Olympics!

I hope these ideas are helpful and encourage your personal artistic thinking.
And remember…Reading is FUNdamental!

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