How Users can Benefit from Ultrasonic Cleaning

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Ultrasonic cleaning is increasingly gaining its popularity due to its premium features, especially while dealing with the work of small parts cleaning, e.g gun parts, medical tools equipment, jewelry pieces, eyeglasses, and watches etc. If you tend to clean jewelry, just don’t miss this ultimate review and guide from to choose your best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

An ultrasonic cleaner is very efficient and powerful. It can deal with a lot of small parts cleaning in short time. With a few cleaning circle, all dirty grime and particles are removed from those small parts. It is very useful especially while you are running a shop or manufacturing purpose and require those small items back to cleaned order as soon as possible. Obviously, manual cleaning these small parts is not very realistic. A suitable and powerful ultrasonic cleaner is really a must have one equipment for any of professional cleaning requirement.

Typically, the ultrasonic cleaner comes with a big tank along with an inset transducer device. A transducer is the key component for any of ultrasonic cleaner and usually bonded at the bottom of the water tank. This device can help transform the electronic power into the ultra sound wave. These sound waves travel through the water and create thousands of tiny water bubbles by vibration. Its working frequencies vary from 20Khz up to 400Khz. Depending on your own cleaning needs, you can choose suitable power cleaner in term of working frequency.

Some transducers come separately from the water tank, so it can be easily replaced once in case that it is broken. If you would not like to spend more money for a totally new machine, but still want to increase the power of cleaning, you can simply add one or more transducers. In this way, it saves users much money but can still satisfy the higher cleaning needs.

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How Ultrasonic Cleaning Beat Other Methods

Usually, many small dirty items have many deep holes and groove where the normal manual cleaning could not easily reach. Ultrasonic wave can easily travel that deep to give a complete cleaning up. If some grimes are stubborn, just simply add some chemical solution to help dissolve.

Ultrasonic cleaning is almost automatic for the whole process of cleaning circle. You can put all items in the water tank and pre set cleaning circles then press the start button. You sit back and watch the magic produced. You can also do other work during the cleaning process. It is a really convenient machine to save users much time and effort.

If you use other manual cleaning methods, you might have to touch with a chemical solution. That chemical solution might be harmful to your health especially if you are close to them regularly. Working with ultrasonic cleaning machine, you don’t have to worry chemical harm or skin allergy. Just simply pour the solution into water tank then walk away. The cleaner can automatically deal with the residual water itself after cleaning.

As you can see, there are really many benefits using the ultrasonic cleaner for either casual home use or professional cleaning.